When and what to do Quarantine Time Novel Coronavirus

When and what to do Quarantine Time Novel Coronavirus

Quarantine is applicable to anyone who is infected with the coronary virus or who has been exposed to such a possibility. Quarantine means avoiding contact with someone else. If someone else does not have the virus positive, he will have to go to isolation at the hospital. Things to do to make sure Quarantine –

  • Be completely alone in your room.
  • Use separate toilets.
  • Keep your own clothing, towels, etc. separate.
  • You need to separate your bed as well.
  • Avoid meeting others as much as possible, even from family members.
  • Wear a mask if you need to go in front of someone and maintain distance as much as possible. Keep.
  • Hand wash frequently.
  • h There is a possibility of frequent touching in the yoga space, such as mobiles, computers, door handles, etc. with good disinfection at the end of the day.
  • Adhere to other hygiene. This virus? Virus infection illnesses are usually mild. Especially for kids and young people. However, it can cause serious illness. This is even more severe for the elderly and the sick. The mortality rate in this disease is much higher for the elderly and variously ill. As one is easily infected by another. Therefore, to protect one’s family, loved ones and others, it is very important that no matter what age one is affected. In addition, the disease can make the situation worse, considering the quality of health services in our country. Everyone should be aware of that. Thinking about the safety of oneself, family and others.

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