White or Colored Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

Almost everyone increases the amount of white discharge during pregnancy. This excess white discharge in pregnancy prevents germs from rising from the vagina or menstrual passage into the uterus.

It is normal to have more white discharge than normal during pregnancy. There is no reason to be afraid. However, in some cases white discharge can be a health risk.

It is common for girls to have white discharge through the vagina or menstrual canal. White discharge starts 1-2 years before the onset of menstruation and continues till menopause.

Each person may have a different amount of discharge. Again the same person may have a single amount of discharge at different times of the month.

Discharge usually increases just before menstruation. In addition, the amount of white discharge in pregnancy is quite normal. However, in some cases there may be abnormal white discharge. Watch the video below to know more about this:


Normal white discharge during pregnancy

Almost everyone increases the amount of white discharge during pregnancy. This excess white discharge prevents germs from rising from the vagina or menstrual passage into the uterus. This protects the fetus from infection. Towards the end of pregnancy the amount of white discharge increases further.

Towards the very last week of pregnancy the discharge can be sticky like jelly. At this time the color of the discharge is pink. This discharge is medically called ‘show’.

This ‘show’ is seen as a result of the sticky substance or mucus coming out of the vagina through the cervix. This means that the body of the pregnant woman is beginning to prepare for childbirth. A few days before the onset of labor pains, such ‘shows’ can be seen little by little.

This type of white discharge during pregnancy causes health risks
Normal white discharge is thin, transparent and colorless or milky white. It does not have any stench.

However, it is important to consult a doctor if the following five symptoms appear with white discharge:

* Unusual odor or foul-smelling discharge
* Discharge of green, yellow or gray color
* Pain or itching around the vagina
* Pain and burning sensation during urination
* Genital burning, redness or itching
* These can be signs of a vaginal infection.

Bleeding through the menstrual tract during pregnancy is one of the danger signs. In this case the patient should be taken to the doctor or to the nearest hospital without delay.

During pregnancy, the patient should be taken to the nearest health center if there is any continuous or continuous discharge of water through the menstrual tract. This can be a sign of premature onset of labor.


Infections during pregnancy

Vaginal fungal infections during pregnancy can cause abnormal white discharge. It is also known as ‘yeast infection’ to many. In this case the following symptoms are seen:

Excessive white discharge. This discharge looks like yogurt or cheese and is wheeled. However, there is usually no odor
Lots of itching and burning around the vagina
Pain or discomfort during urination and intercourse
There is nothing to fear if you have a fungal infection during pregnancy. It is easily cured by taking quick treatment as per the doctor’s advice. In this case, the doctor may prescribe oral or oral medication. This type of fungal infection usually resolves within 1-2 weeks of starting treatment.

Not all antifungal drugs are safe to use during pregnancy. Therefore, treatment cannot be started by buying medicine on one’s own.

White or Colored Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

This type of infection can be prevented at home by following some simple tips. E.g.

* Wearing loose cotton underwear
* Don’t wear too tight underwear and pajamas
* Keep the genitals dry and clean
* Avoid using perfumed soap in the vagina
* Which is important to know

The body has its own procedures for keeping the inside of the vagina clean. In this case, no help from outside is needed. Instead, if you clean it with perfumed soap or something else, it can cause vaginal infections.

So with regular soap and water you can only clean the outside of the menstrual area, it is not right to do anything inside.

Question and Answer Portion:

1. Every White Discharge cause of pregnancy?
Answer: Typically, no. But it a important early sign of pregnancy.

2. Changes of discharge be an early sign of pregnancy?
Answer: Typically, no. While many women notice an increase in vaginal discharge in pregnancy, you’re not likely to notice this symptom in the week or two just after conception.

3. Vaginal discharge in pregnancy what can i do?
Answer: It is very normal during pregnancy. Don’t to be worried and wear panty liners to absorb discharge if you need to but using them frequently may irritate your vulva. Using tampons is not recommended during pregnancy.

4. When consult with doctor?
Answer: Firstly you should know which is normal during pregnancy time and which is abnormal this time.

Normal healthy discharge should:
* be clear and white
* not smell bad

Tell your midwife or doctor if:
* the discharge is coloured (greenish or brownish)
* there is blood in the discharge
* it smells strange
* you feel itchy or sore


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